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Duncan Channon 360-degree Panorama

You can pan and zoom this image.

This 360-degree full-spherical photo composite was created to celebrate them winning "2016 Advertising Age Small Agency of the Year" from Ad Age. The people in the images are team members of the agency, photographed at The Tip, in their San Francisco location.

Over 200 images were used in this carefully-planned composite, combining my skills in 360-degree panoramic capture, professional studio portraiture lighting, and exposure blending, resulting in a high-quality 50MP image asset.

This image still features on the front page of duncanchannon.com (link opens in new window), as of July 7, 2019

client: Duncan Channon
photography: Dale Tan
art direction : Michael Lemme
post-production : Sam Nordemann
project management : Karen X Cheng

This is the flattened version of the 360-degree spherical image.

Hard Water Bar, San Francisco

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This 2-gigapixel lifesize panorama was created with the intent of creating a menu from which customers could zoom into individual bottles, read tasting notes and order beverages.

It was created by stitching and layering 375 exposures, which were in turn made using high-resolution DSLR telephoto lens mounted on a robotic mount. Images were individually-processed, combined into a single image, re-projected from a spherical onto a flat plane, keystone-corrected, and then retouched to account for imperfections in the physical structure.

client: Hard Water Bar SF via Lundberg Design
photography: Dale Tan
post-production: Dale Tan

Curly’s Cove, Bodega Bay

(Please note : video has audio)

This aerial video showcased the client’s beautiful property on the shores of Bodega Bay, California, as part of a larger marketing effort.

Capture was done using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro UAV in d-Log mode, then color-graded and edited into the final product.

client: Lundberg Design
videography: Dale Tan
post-production: Polygon Visuals

San Francisco aerial video

(Please note : video has audio)

I piloted and captured all the aerial footage for this video’s opening, including the high-altitude clip showing San Francisco’s city skyline. Again, these clips were captured using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

client: City Church of San Francisco
aerial videography: Dale Tan
videography and post-production: Polygon Visuals

Still Photography Gallery

A selection of images made using novel and/or advanced techniques. Click through to see and mouse-over to see details in the captions.

Click image to open the full PDF (4.2MB) in separate window

Click image to open the full PDF (4.2MB) in separate window

A Preliminary Look at Edge Detection and its Applications in a Vision Prosthesis. Lovell, N. H., Tan, Dale (2007)

Link to full PDF (4MB) here : PrelimLookEdgeDetectionVisionProsthesis2007.pdf

This paper was my Computer Engineering research thesis, a cross-faculty collaboration with the School of Biomedical Engineering where I did my Master’s.

In it, a range of real-time methods for visual edge detection were simulated and tested for potential implementation in a bionic eye. The different edge detection image filters were implemented in code, and then compared against each other using a ISO 12233 resolution chart as a target.